Fornaciari 2020 new website is online

Fornaciari 2020 il nuovo sito è online

Hi, we communicate that the new FORNACIARI INTIMO 2020 website is online, we have worked hard to offer a new image and new research methods, to allow you to get to know our catalog better. From the home page you will find the Woman and Man selection, two buttons for two distinct pages, where you will find a more accurate selection of products every month, with highlighted products, and dedicated sections for product lines and brand lines, as well as seasonal promotion or promotions dedicated to particular celebrations.

The new “TheClub” area offers many “super discounted offers”, at the moment it is not available due to “work in progress”, as well as the seasonal promotion dedicated to Valentine’s Day, under construction.

We still ask you a few days to finish the latest things, in the meantime enjoy the new site and let us know what you think.

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